This is an experiment. I want to know how many of you people know what 'Kland' is. 

Simply REBLOG this post if you ship Klaroline, and know what the term ‘Kland’ is about. 

GO GO GO! It will make sense later. 

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I stopped watching aos a while ago...What's wrong with ward?

……….whats wrong with Ward? oh anon

under tag for spoilers…. but i suggest you just start watching again!!

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What I want… is to stay here with y o u and imagine the world outside doesn’t exist.

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Can we just take a moment to appreciate the fact that this show:

  • Took the one character who everyone called boring and one-note and turned into a sleeper agent with an abusive past and unclear loyalties
  • And also took the other character who people thought was annoying and useless and turned her into a femme fatale badass

I’ll be the first to admit that when I started this show, I did not expect to be moved by Grant Ward, nor did I expect to start rooting for Skye.

And yet here we are. 

Regardless of how Skyeward plays out for the rest of this season, there is no way this won’t be good. 

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I just want to know what Skye is thinking like is she going along with Ward to take him down or does she believe that she can save him

i think she didn’t have much of a choice, and she knows she cant take him physically. I think she is going to see where this goes, and now she knows why he needs her so thats good. She is going to be looking for an opportunity to either take out hydra, get away from Ward, or try and convince him to betray Hydra. To me, I think the latter is her last resort. :( She is being smart though considering her position. She will probably be fishing trying to get as much information from him about whats going on that she can, its actually good to have her on the inside if she can get info on Hydra’s plans.

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Requested by jasmineinge

Friendly reminder that he was the one who grabbed her hand.

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10 Lessons from today’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.


1) Skye is better than you.

2) You will never be as amazing and mindblowingly fantastic as Skye.

3) Skye is queen. 

4) If you thought (a)your feelings toward Ward (b) Wards feelings toward anything or (c) what the fuck is making Ward tick, would become clear with this episode. You were wrong. Im more confused than ever I feel like i’ve swallowed a giant fucking knot and my brains are trying to untangle it but it’s just getting worse. One thing is for sure. If he fucking hurts Queen Skye I will personally find a way into the fictional universe just to murder him slowly and painfully. If he chooses Skye he will be welcomed back with opened arms. This was not how Skyeward was supposed to go and you better fucking fix it Ward.

5) Skye is better than you. 

6) Trying to figure out May is shit hard.

7) Simmons is in the box. 

8) Skye is better than you.

9) Coulson makes you want to grow wings and fly him to a place filled with rainbows and cellists where nothing ever goes wrong and he will know nothing but pure happiness. 

10) Skye is queen.

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Skye finding out about Ward…


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I reblog her SkyeWard post and a flying Leah comes out of nowhere!

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Sometimes I wonder how they directed Colin through that moment in 2.05 when he first looked up at Emma

Director: She's going to be your love interest so you have to make sure you convey that
Colin: I can do that
Director: Look at her like she's your world
Colin: ...
Director: Like it's the first time you've seen the sun in 300 years
Colin: ...
Colin: ...
Colin: ...I can do that
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"Everything is Emma’s magic and everything hurts" 
- Captain Hook

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All The Ladies memeFavorite Female Leader/Ruler/Royalty 

Mary Stuart, Queen of Scotts

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the heart wants what the heart wants

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skye/ward passionate kisses tonight while they hold hands and then skye is finding out about ward and

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